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_Elena Bernasconi Tabellini_Empathy4Lead

Elena Bernasconi Tabellini

With over 20 years of international management and communication experience, Elena has founded Back to Empathy in 2017 and Empathy4Business in 2024 to pursue her passion of transforming lives and businesses with Collaborative Communication. As a certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication and an Empathy Coach, Elena provides trainings and coaching that help leaders and teams to transform conflicts into collaboration.

Her mission is to increase emotional and relational skills for her clients. These skills are essential for preventing and handling conflicts, boosting efficiency, fostering innovation, and creating a positive, inclusive, and collaborative culture. 

Having worked across a wide range of industries (such as tech, pharmaceuticals, public administration, and higher education), Elena passionately dedicates herself to shaping empathetic work environments, where understanding and humanity are at the heart of the culture.

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