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At Empathy4Business, we champion inclusive workplaces where Empathy bridges understanding and empowers teams under bold leadership.

Our Mission: to guide organisations in effectively handling conflicts, uplifting workplace cultures, and unleashing creativity for enhanced wellbeing and performance.

Our Expertise: with over two decades of management expertise spanning both business and nonprofit sectors, our approach seamlessly integrates insights from these diverse roles. The result? An innovative methodology tailored to fit the unique dynamics of every workplace, facilitating improved communication, deepened collaboration, and alignment of business objectives with human fulfilment.

Our Leadership: spearheaded by certified Collaborative Communication trainer Elena Bernasconi Tabellini, our team boasts over 15 years of experience in helping organisations embrace empathetic business practices. Rooted in Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s pioneering method (his original framework being known as Nonviolent Communication), our training methodology prioritises empathetic listening and culture-sensitive interventions tailored to each organisation's unique context.

Our Impact: this empathy-focused approach has been embraced by global companies and international nonprofits alike, easing tensions and boosting inclusivity. Whether addressing workplace conflicts or negotiating complex agreements, our programs empower leaders with the skills to harness empathy's transformative potential.

Our Team

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Embark on a Journey
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